SFR Muckraker's Guide


City of Santa Fe: E-Services
A filing cabinet of a database that contains city ordinances, contract bids, calendar events and city publications.

Congressional Quarterly: Politics Earmark Finder 2008
A simple search for earmarks in federal legislation.

Counterfeit Checks
Think you've got one? Check the New Mexico Attorney General's database of counterfeit checks before you cash it.

a href=""> Bringing Citizen Oversight to Congressional Spending
Allows citizens to search for earmarks by member and recipient

Environmental Working Group: Farm Subsidy Database
A database of recipients of 2007 Farm Bill subsidies. You can view subsidies by state, county, zip code, Congressional district, and recipient.

IRS Political Organization Disclosure
For finding out financial information about 527 groups which fund political campaigns.

Library of Congress: THOMAS
The comprehensive site for US Congress. Includes several searches related to laws, legislation, votes and Congressional reports and records.
The Sunlight Foundation's "Library of Unified Information Sources," which aims to index and cross-reference all federal documents from Congress and the White House. Includes GAO reports.

New Mexico Charities
A searchable database of New Mexico nonprofits maintained by the New Mexico Attorney General's Office

New Mexico Bill Finder
This is THE resource for finding out what the New Mexico Legislature is up to. You can search by bill number, sponsor, keywords and subject. It's unwieldy, but the information is there.

New Mexico Contract Database
Peruse a database of New Mexico contracts that are in excess of $20,000

New Mexico's Fiscal Budget
Read it and weep, along with other state fiscal documents, on the state Department of Finance and Administration website.

New Mexico's Investments
Yes, the ones you've read so much. The state Treasurer's website includes portfolio reports, earnings statements and more.

The Sunlight Foundations project compiles the skinny on Congress. Search by bill, Congressman, committee, industry or issue to see the latest government data and news.

Santa Fe County: WEBXtender Document Imaging System
For a small registration fee, this site provides access to digital scans of recorded documents in the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office

Silent Partners - The Center for Public Integrity
The Center for Public Intergrity's database of 527 political money.

State of New Mexico: Web Search
A search that access the entire state government network of Web sites.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)
An indepedent database of documentaion about federal spending, enforcement and staffing, particularly focused on the ATF, IRS, DEA, FBI, DHS and INS.

US Department of Defense: Advanced Search

A general search for the US Department of Defense's DefenseLink web site. Tip: Search "N.M." to find military-industrial complex contracts directly affecting New Mexico.
A GAO Web site where you can track how taxdollars are being spent. This is especially useful for searching contracts.

Visualizing Earmarks
Earmark visualization (2205) by state, agency, description and type of organization

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