SFR Muckraker's Guide

Welcome to the third generation of the Santa Fe Reporter’s The goal behind this site is to provide an evolving and growing list of online resources for citizens journalists, activists, rabble-rousers and, yes, the occasional muckraker.

To use the guide, choose from the drop-down category menu, in which links for broad topics such as "crime" and "money" can be found. In 2010, Muckrakers also will feature links on the 2010 Santa Fe County and statewide elections that will include candidate information, as well as news articles on the races. The Public Information page focuses on the laws that govern transparency in government, such as the Freedom of Information Act and New Mexico's Inspection of Public Records Act. You'll find links to help you file your own public information requests, as well as sites working to promote the public's right to know.

You will find some overlap between pages, since many sites track government in one way or the other. Please email the editor if you find a dead link or have a question. And please add your own suggestions and findings as comments to the pages.